Achieve Zen Mind With Science

What is Zen Mind ... or rather, a zen moment? It's a state of sudden CLARITY when you 'see through the charade' and suddenly get thrown into a condition of heightened awareness ..

Realizations, revelations about human life, about your mind, thoughts and perceptions come faster, more clarified, more integrated, more connected and more 'generic' or conforming to greater principles, to a seemingly Higher Law. That's your higher self unfolding into view, as if you had been uplifted and transported to a mountain top. The Mountain of electrically-integrated love and enhanced intelligence ...

"So, wise sage and seer - how do I get there?"

Well, you can follow the time honored traditions. You can practice yoga and meditation till the cows come home. In their and your 'wholeness,' or -- you can fast track into the accelerated meditation methods of brain wave entrainment.

Just fifty years ago, it was the 1960s.

The people in California were rebelling, reacting to a work-driven society that they believed was controlled by the military industrial complex. Psychologically, there was a lot of experimenting done, both in the science lab and in the private homes, parks, the streets.. like Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco. (Wear some flowers in your hair...) Cosmic consciousness was rediscovered and the human potential movement was born. (After pioneering work by Dr Abraham H. Maslow, PhD at Brandeis University, and Dr Herbert Benson, PhD, at Harvard University.)

But this - brain wave entrainment, and it's ability to quickly take you into a deep Zen Mind moment of utter bliss, peace and perceptual clarity - without pharmacological substances - this science would have been scoffed at. Even by radicals at the time.

It was not until the 1970s that this discovery was made by Dr Gerald Ooster. Binaural brain wave entrainment was born. What's that? A different audio frequency delivered via stereo headphones to each ear, the resultant difference being the induced frequency: usually alpha, theta or slow delta as in dreams ... that is, 10 or 9 Hz down to 2-3 Hz (cycles per second) as a rate of vibration. Induced.

Brainwave Entrainment

The Zen audio contains a Blend of Isochronic, Binaural Beats and 3D entrainment.

The main audio contains:

10 Hz Ramping up to the Edge of Gamma (30 Hz) There is also a 0.2 Hz Sub-Delta Wave that runs behind the entire track to help balance the strong stimulation that this track provides.

To sum up: Main audio goes from Alpha to Gamma with a Sub-Delta balancing wave.

Gamma is associated with:

Compassion, Empathy, Decision making under stress, higher brain functioning and processes, influencing sensory organization processing and integration, and believed to strongly influence the organization and interpretation of sensory data.

Also - this frequency is believed to have a strong impact on social consciousness and right and wrong. Enhanced self awareness and insight. Gamma frequencies are found naturally in higher amounts in long term practitioners of various forms of meditation. Gamma can enhance the ability to achieve goals and improve the clarity of thought and intuition.

Sub-Delta is associated with:

Positive effects on the limbic system, emotions, healing, believed to be the source of deep inner wisdom, peace and divine knowledge.


Now is this all becoming a little clearer to you? Can you now begin to imagine how you can achieve Zen Mind states with the help of Science? I sincerely hope so.

Finally, visit here to pickup your MP3 gifts so that you'll get suddenly and dramatically converted to this. I've been doing meditation since 1969, while I was studying at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand for my psychology degree. This is all real. Believe me. This is my mission, purpose and passion ..

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Keeping each moment magical ...

Geoff Dodd