understanding schizophrenia easily

Eureka! Attempts at understanding schizophrenia don't need elaborate psychiatric theories of psychosis - nor do they need geneticists or physiologists, bio-chemistry, neurologists, yada yada yada! It is sociological. Or more accurately, psycho-social in origin.

Simple Schizophrenia is a functional, learned behavior disorder that simply involves over-inclusive thinking.

The sufferer of simple, withdrawal behavior is typically highly intelligent, sensitive and often concerned for Mankind in the time and place in which he or she finds himself or herself. Also, a person of tiny details ...

The bombardment of information that we enjoy in modern life - often in the name of entertainment - becomes a 'problem to solve' by the schizophrenic who yearns for a simpler and more natural life. We recall the 1960s hippy movement in San Francisco. The meme was 'turn on, tune in, drop out.' It was a rejection of social trends and of the growing cultural complexities of the time.

The over-burdened mindset that results in over-inclusive thinking is really the exact opposite of the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Silly-one. Get a FOCUS. Remember to focus on one thing at a time..

Proof of this is the enormous mental relief reported by people who learn a method of meditation, be it transcendental meditation or Buddhist Meditation, or a prayerful Christian, Hindu or Moslem, Baha'i, or other relaxing practice. Please see the link above for 'meditation' and realize that only the experience of going through it.. for at least 20 minutes, daily, can ever possibly lead you to the intuitive understanding that's prerequisite for understanding schizophrenia.. by going to the Unified 'opposite experience' :: your personal God. (The Transcendental Unity - Aldous Huxley ).

Things are often not what they seem. And the professionals of the time may be more like mercenaries, using legal definitions of reality and 'having never personally embarked upon an inner spiritual adventure.' Are you beginning to get my wavelength? It's alpha or theta. Even delta. An unofficial zone.


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the above article refer to simple schizophrenia only. In more severe cases where there may be evidence of paranoid delusions and risk, you are advised to contact a registered health professional. Our information on this site is for educational purposes and opinions were formed after eleven years experience in community based social work and also after experience gleaned within psychiatric hospital work settings in New Zealand. 1970s era.

Note: Use a communications model when observing so-called 'schizophrenics' and you'll see more normality. What you expect is what you will see.

understanding schizophrenia

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