the way to go towards alpha stage

by mandar smart
(new delhi, india)

The best mentor for you is "YOU"

Today I will talk something about self management and self help. You are the one and only mentor of your own self. The only person who can help you is "YOU". You are the C.E.O-manager-chairman-director of your own office or company.

You just need to set out a simple framework so you can build a clear picture of what it is that makes you the person that you are. With the intention of you being able to see yourself as others might. You will know about yourself and will get the clear picture of your own character via alpha(α) mind control. It is one of the phases of our mind, others are beta(β), gamma(γ) and delta(δ). when our mind is in beta stage, we are totally awake and active. in gamma stage we are totally fall asleep. Delta stage is stage of coma or a fainted phase.

Alpha(α) stage is critical and typical stage of our mind. In the alpha stage, one would be in a stage of being half asleep and half active. It is an intermediate part between sleep and wakefulness.

Whatever messages you will give to your alpha mind, it taken this as a compulsion. Alpha mind follows that order kindly which given by you in that stage. For that you need to build your own office in your mind. Just choose a silent place where no one can disturb you. And imagine that yourself at a favorite nature scene or site. And also imagine that my personal office is 10 steps far from that scene. Now enter in the office and imagine your assistant, peons, personal computer, watchman in the office. Now by this time you are already reached in alpha stage of mind. Now go to your cabin and turn on your personal computer. Now visualize your body image and face in the computer. Now do changes in yourself via computer of your mind office. You can imagine all positive rays are coming in your body. You can also imagine reducing the specific problems of your body; i.e., (sugar level, high blood pressure). Also imagine all necessary facilities and equipment which are available in one complete personal office.

Now if you want to leave this activity, don't open your eyes immediately. Just go step by step. Leave your office first and then go to your favorite nature scene, then take 3 deep breaths and then open your eyes. You will be amazed by feeling one unique experience.

Interesting! Thanks for the hypnosis. ;-)

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