the unconscious mind

Sometimes we are robots. The unconscious mind drives us along and deep, conditioned behavior patterns get their way - much of the time!

In fact, 90% of our actions and being are unconscious, or a mystery to us, while 10% of actions are under conscious control. - according to Dr Timothy Leary. He would probably have known. (Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, Boston in the 1960s. Known for encouraging the use of psychedelic and psychotropic drugs, hippies, etc.) San Francisco, Haight and Ashbury, 1960s.

Sigmund Freud viewed us humans as driven by unconscious, instinctive 'pleasure-seeking forces' he named the id which, through the ego, is counter-balanced by the super-ego or 'controlling conscience.' Now does this feel familiar to you? Uhuh.. Go on.. That was in the 1930s and the 1940s. Psycho-analysis, which was later debunked by behaviorists like B.F. Skinner in the 1960s in the USA.

Dr Carl Jung suggested that our task is to 'make the unconscious, conscious.' Indeed if we could do that, we'd be living in a mystical wonderland of constant revelation and discovery. (See your deep down bonus at the page bottom!)

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Diagram Of The Unconscious (SubConscious) MIND

So now I want to share with you a small diagram that explains much more than words alone can. It involves two processes made clear by a good friend. (Dr Joe Vitale, of Austin, Texas - my invisible mentor.. ) Joe is a hypnotherapist and writer of numerous books, including Spiritual Marketing. He was a widely acclaimed speaker in the popular movie, 'The Secret,' which was all about The Law Of Attraction. (LOA). What you focus on, is what you get. What you think about, is what you become..

subconscious aspects of the unconscious mind of homo sapiens

The beauty of this diagram is that it implies practical action. It is not just a psychology of the unconscious mind. In an academic sense.

The first process is obvious:

Give Love and Gratitude energies out into The World or Universe and these energies will be reciprocated! Energies of love and gratitude will flow back to you.. So 'dwell on' and 'live in' these vibrations and share them around. Inhale love and exhale gratitude, so that you'll remember..

The second process is:

Imagine doing the dream - create images of end-states, your own goals, as if already achieved! Imagine you've got there! and FEEL the zing of electrifying feeling - repeating these images, ideas and feelings.. over and over, driving them into your deep subconscious mind.

This works to energize you from the deep unconscious mind - mightily powered by your emotions..

The trick to self-training here is the number of repetitions - you make from the conscious to the unconscious mind..
So, as you've heard, write down a specific goal. And keep it handy and visible, on your desk, and in your wallet or purse, one here, one there.. at the computer, in the bathroom, beside your bed, etc.

Visualize, conjuring up images and their feelings, of your goals - as if you have already got them.

Relax and let go.. let God.. let the process.. WORK by itself, unconsciously. Subconsciously. With passion.

It will be done. If you've fed the fires of emotion with good and worthy goals.. thy will be done. It WILL happen. Believe it.

So that, my dearest friend, is all that I really understand about the unconscious mind. I love you.

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G.P. Dodd
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Thanks for reading thus far. Further recommended reading is anything by Dr Joe Vitale, or by Geoff Dodd in the Amazon Kindle bookstore, and of course Dr Abraham Maslow, Psychology Today at Amazon and remember to do regular repetition of exactly what you WANT into your deep unconscious mind. Thanks. See you later.

Meditation Music MP3s make you smarter! Fact.

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