The Galaxy

by krishnaprasaad
(India )

It was during the year 1993,I used to complain of severe neck pain and it was a nuisance, my boss(she) saw me suffering and sponsored me to join the reiki initiation class, I attended the same and got attuned.

I started practicing it for some days may be for four or five days one day when I was sitting in meditation concentrating on my breath I started seeing some colours appearing in front of me it was almost lite blue with white mixed and I started seeing my self in that colour in a 45 degree angle, I slowly began to travel through my window which was in the room and saw a red colour car standing near the building which was next to my building and I saw my neighbor standing in front of his building, by this time I have traveled to the terrace of my building and viewing all these things , suddenly I heard a noise and my heart beat went up raising my palpitation, the same moment I slowly began to descend and again saw me sitting in a blueish white light, and I slowly came down to touch the floor where I was sitting by this time the sound began to increase and In few minutes I could hear that it was my door being knocked, I slowly managed to get up and opened the door to see my wife standing and she said I was banging the door for nearly half an hour I thought you were sleeping, I could hear the words and see her also but couldn't speak for a while , so I lay down for few minutes and went out, to my surprise I saw a red car at the entrance of the building next to mine and I saw my neighbor standing and talking to some one, I asked my neighbour how long have you been standing here he said may be an hour and half or two, because he was waiting for his staff to report to him at his house and he thought he'll wait outside and spend a few minutes with other neighbours
unfortunately his staff were delayed for one hour and so he stood there talking to his neighbours.
This incident happened in India, at Mumbai.

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Feb 27, 2009
Out of Body Experience
by: Geoff Dodd

Thank you. A wonderful account of your excellent out of body experience. I love this. Very clear writing indeed. Thank you my friend. Geoff D., Australia. Site Author

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