The Future Painter

by Geoff Dodd
(Wellington NZ)

Geoff Dodd beam

Geoff Dodd beam

Hey - both meditation and hypnosis are equally about FOCUS ~ what you focus your mind on and pay ATTENTION to.

So I wrote a short story, only 5-6 pages of PDF e-Book about a survival situation and .. you'd better go and grab your free download copy here:

I am so, so, extremely excited about this little e-Book because it's the best thing that has ever happened to me..

I mean, the Unconscious Mind flowing through like THAT.

Do yourself a quick LIFE BOOST right now on me. I wrote this whole web site, too.

I love you,

Geoff Dodd, BA Psych
South Pacific

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Jul 08, 2013
Awarded 5 Stars
by: Anonymous

For the e-Book itself, 5 stars.

This is a remarkable little pdf e-Book. It reveals the mind at its RAW basic potential. Maybe a level that we comfort-seeking modern people have forgotten about.

It is a brief and simple read. Only 5-6 pages. Do it now before you get distracted by something else.

This is Quality PLUS


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