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Life's a lot like joining a business like Success University...

Some people choose to let their fears get in the way of their success. They choose to take the easy road, instead of challenging themselves to "get in the game" and enroll as a student.

Here's my advice...

Whether it's enrolling in Success University, joining toastmasters to become a public speaker, asking your boss for a raise, starting your own business, or anything else you might be fearful of, remember this - you'll never be able to let go of your fear unless you *Just Do It*. Like a leap with a parachute. A leap of Faith.

Here's one of the most important lessons I've learned in my road to success...

Not stepping out of your comfort zone is the #1 obstacle that will get in the way of your success!

The only secret to my success, if there really are any secrets, is that I have constantly pushed myself to get OUT of my comfort zone.

Here's the rule:

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do."

Once you begin getting out of your comfort zone, something very interesting happens...

It starts getting easier and easier to do things that you normally would be completely terrified of. For me, one of my biggest fears in life was public speaking. Once I got in front of an audience and broke through my initial fear, it became easier the 2nd time... then easier the 3rd time, then easier the 4th... etc.

Once the mind expands, it never goes back to its original form!

Here's an expansive MANTRA for you, designed by Geoff Dodd:

"I love and desire visualizing and imagining, Growth and expansion in recreating myself... Resonating.. from inner to outer game... In each.. next MOMENT ... "

That's it for today... thanks for listening to me rant - as you can tell, I love talking about success and personal growth!

What you FOCUS on is what you get.

"I highly recommend that you jump in and take the $2 test drive at Success University immediately because the WHOLE training system becomes instantly available to you - and there's a wonderful DUAL compensation plan!"

"Not only will you get generous commissions PLUS Fast Start Bonuses - and they increase.. but you also score income through a 'non-flushing' BINARY. That's powerful. That makes it DUAL compensation."

Think of your road to success as a mindset where you cannot lose. It is a question of gaining self control over your thinking and over your moment to moment focus. What you focus on is what you get and what you think about, constantly, is precisely what you'll become in life. So make it high, lofty and worthy! Cheers to your future.

Geoff Dodd

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