Sports psychology and hypnosis

A rare thing.. sports psychology par excellence: boosting your sport performance through hypnosis!

"I was extremely impressed by the credentials of the hypnotherapists involved in this precious offering.."

Reach your full athletic potential without harmful drugs or supplements! Hypnosis can help you to enhance your concentration and workout with greater optimism and intensity. Best of all, it's all on audio CD, so you can listen whenever you want.

The Hypnosis Network is a group of highly accredited psychotherapists and hypnotists. They have put together a whole series of CDs designed to help people achieve their dreams.

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Dr. Jack's hypnosis-based program will bring you a focus and clarity that an athlete only gets on those rare occasions while in the zone. You'll experience optimum levels of relaxation and intensity for the athletic situation at hand. Eventually, it's self hypnosis.

"I highly recommend these services and CDs to you if you're a sportsperson keenly competitive and wanting that edge that'll likely score you gold."

"All my sports psychology experience magnetizes me irresistably towards these acclaimed trainings that you can use at your leisure for massive performance enhancements!"

"It’s no secret that elite athletes like Tiger Woods use hypnosis to lift them to the next level. Now you can experience these same benefits of unconscious peak-performance training. By utilizing your unconscious mind for performance and training, you’ll learn how to stop fighting yourself so you can overcome the barriers that prevent you from getting to that next level."

"I'm stoked!"

Geoff Dodd

Sports psychology - performance thru hypnosis

Now increase self confidence faster!

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Hypnosis Reviews - What are people saying?

You'll begin to realize there's an incredible response to Dr Neil Fiore's Productivity Engineering -and one reviewer even recommends it for sporting performance gains!

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