Spontaneity Training

Perhaps it was Moreno who gave us spontaneity training, but I just read something that triggered some neuronal connections about all of this!

My friend Midas sent me an email with this in it: "Remember to always follow your heart - that gut feeling deep down inside that guides you each step of the way. Do this, and you will very seldom make a mistake... If you do end up making a mistake; know that it is a lesson you simply had to learn - put it behind you, move on and your energy will be renewed."

Wow! Yes, that gut feeling deep down inside.. that's where your spontaneity would or should emerge from and become generated from.

It would be quite an experience re-connecting with that.. impulsively.

How to Be Spontaneous? - Just connect, with that gut feeling deep down inside.

Spontaneity training

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Geoff Dodd