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Spiritual psychology from Oceania defies definition because it involves the momentary, felt perceptions of higher level psycho-social integration within neural nets ...

When you are overwhelmed with feelings of 'Oneness' - it is quite possible that you are perceiving or tuning into the Quantum Energy Field itself! Wouldn't you agree?

So what is quantum physics really telling us - about ourselves??

Experimental evidence in the early part of the 20th century led great theorists Bohr, Heisenberg and Wigner to conclude (the "Copenhagen interpretation") that objects remain in wave-like quantum superposition (possibilities) until observed by a conscious human being.. Then human consciousness causes collapse of the wave function, (.. of quantum energy) into FORM.. albeit temporarily!

THAT is Mind Power. The power of higher levels of consciousness, working in the unified field.. to create FORM.

The observer effect implies that you merely have to "watch the mind, and let it go," as The Buddha said. Return to the ONE Unified Field. 'God' for some.

How To Experience It...

Go to the site behind this banner, MindPowerMP3.com and download the free MP3 music sample: The Journey.. that's the one you see in the picture. listen to that with stereo headphones. Click here:

Meditation Music MP3s make you smarter! Transcend.

Quantum Creation Happens In The Mind

You literally CREATE. (As you finally 'stand at a point before Creation..' - Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha

"Quantum waves, collapsing on the shores of consciousness. Modern man, enraptured with licentiousness?

Returning to the Oneness you desire nothing save immersion in that Sea.

Returning to the Oneness you answer all questions, solve every problem with a smile.

Not an eye-blink passes but you know - immersed with all memory, all knowledge magically available to the pen.

All power is in the awareness of possibilities ...

Your spirit's intention will always suit her.. your brain, my friend, a Supercomputer!"

Floating beyond fear, the Ocean is near..

Sea of Tranquility

Precious equanimity!

All the Love of The Universe is a mystery..

Because it is in 'superposition' - existing everywhere as infinite possibilities...

When you are not looking: Wave-form.

When you focus your consciousness and CHOOSE

You collapse the wave of infinite possibilities of LOVE

Into one object of focus. One particle.. One partner. One point.

Your consciousness then creates your love Reality..

(Matching a model in memory) ?

Remembering him/her from a past love and trying to recreate?

Better to Return to the One-ness ... and Meditate!

Now you can dance..

The Spiritual Psychology 2 Step!

1. Go into instant meditation - see top of page or click meditation elation at left. Follow the suggestion to get your free trial CD.

2. CLEAR yourself of all thought. Replace your old thought habits with ...

"I AM in abundance because love, people, traffic, money and opportunities are everywhere all around me.."

"These things are in superposition, always as waves of possibility and I only need to connect the dots and FOCUS"

"I choose from the quantum field.."

16 Jan. 07 :: Say daily, a hundred times:

"I Love You. I'm very grateful ...

"Thank you. I believe in you .. "

Use this mantra, over and over, to modify your unconscious attitude in relating to yourself. Then 'the world' becomes merely a projection of your positive attitude and feeling towards yourself! A grand 'acceptance' of it ALL.

"Create your new style" - and I DID - I'm a writer and a long term trader in mining stocks. This mantra - this set of ideas works like a miracle. I believe in it. So you can reinvent yourself daily - 'from moment to movement'

17 Jan. 08 :: Say daily, a hundred times:

" ... limitless waves of thought,

... caressing velvet pools of quantum particles ... "

This is how I create my LIFE, deeply aware of the MOMENT ...

*EXPECT MIRACLES* says Joe Vitale, and I agree

Miracles are born deep in the moment - every moment!

"DESIRE is so darn Powerful it would quickly transform the world, were we of an attitude of Oneness .. G. " 5 Sep. 11

To be continued ... as things happen - >

Sunday, 4 July 2010 Independence Day! Moment to moment ...

Geoff Dodd
Perth 6000
Western Australia

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