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There are various stages in the path to self development. First, you need to take stock of yourself, your life and your dreams. If you don’t have any dreams, or visions of the future, then you need to spend some time working out where you are going in your life, and whether you should be changing anything.

You need to consider carefully whether your attitudes, feelings and beliefs, your behavior and your actions, are quite what you want them to be. Are they going to hinder or help you achieve your goals and desires? Or do you need to take steps to retrain yourself in certain ways, and work towards a healthier you, using a better life management plan?

Self confidence, self belief, a certain amount of modesty, a positive attitude and a serious commitment are all essential elements to self development and personal growth.

Self development involves work, but it is work that will enable you to live your life fully, and give you the satisfaction of making not only your own dreams come true, but helping others to make their dreams come true, too.

It is important to be goal -oriented. It is all very well reading up on something, but you need to put theory into practice. For many people, it’s a matter of lots of talk, but not so much action. With everything you do, try and ensure there is a measurable outcome that you can identify as a target, and that can be seen to be done. For example, to double your personal income or to find three good new friends! Quantify the desired result or outcome.

Don’t let obstacles get in your way. When things get difficult, it’s important that you don’t give up. If we never have to overcome problems on our way, we would find life to be an easy ride. The test is how you overcome problems on the road to achievement and success.

If you consider some of the most successful people in the world today, you will find many of them have had more than one career, and many of them have experienced failure in the first degree and continued on to great future success. This reflects their self belief and determination.

Self Development through aware personal growth is the most magical journey you can embark on today, for your future. For starting tools, I highly recommend the Holosync Solution accelerated meditation program which you'll find by clicking on 'meditation elation' at left.

ENJOY your journey of personal growth!

Geoff Dodd

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