Review of The Holosync Solution Awakening Prologue

by Geoff Dodd
(Perth, Australia)

Geoff Dodd in home office, Perth

Geoff Dodd in home office, Perth

I think the question on every skeptic's mind is: Is INSTANT MEDITATION true? Can there really be accelerated yet 'deep as a zen monk' meditation?

I say, 'you have to experience it personally for yourself!'

In my case, it's an unequivocal YES it IS true and I want to shout it from the roof tops!

But I'm a sensitive person and I grew out of a LOT of anxiety and mild depression too. I'm past that now and I'm keenly getting into joint ventures in my Internet Marketing - now my full time job. I also dabble in Australian mining stocks.

So yes, the Holosync Solution has helped me to change to what I want to become. It's a very subtle and gentle process though. It works directly on your brain, making new connections - especially to the Right side where intuition and creativity work powerfully through your finely tuned imagination. It is pleasurable. Spiritual. Blissful.

I use the CD through my stereo headphones for about 10 to 30 minutes every day just as I'm booting up my computer in the morning.

If I want to be very active I plan to 'stay in ALPHA' and only do 5-10 minutes of listening to Holosync. This clears the brain yet keeps me active at work.

If I want to go deep into dreaming creativity, then I listen to Holosync for 30 minutes and I may run on into the real deep stuff which immediately follows - designed to keep me in THETA and DELTA - wave forms which are much slower and more closely related to sleep.

Are you getting the picture?

You can choose how deep you go, according to your daily schedule or work requirements! The demands of real life.

So it's a wonderful tool for brain wave entrainment and yes, it works fine.

But I'm a sensitive guy.


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Jun 01, 2015
Schumann Resonance frequency Earth Breathing
by: Geoffrey

Studies in Germany by Schumann, and others, discovered that 7.83 Hz is the exact resonant frequency of The Earth, induced towards the ionosphere layer...

Here you can download sample Mp3 files of this health bringing 7.83 Hz frequency, within brain wave entrainment audio files, as a gift from Geoff Dodd, psychological researcher...

Get Schumann Resonance frequency gift compliments of Geoff Dodd.

Nov 18, 2010
Positivity flows throughout the mind-body as a healer
by: Geoff

Healing Effects of Positivity Follow Thru From Meditation, esp Holosync Accelerated Meditation

"Positivity appears to be the link between meditative practice and a variety of health benefits."

In a study scheduled for publication in the journal Emotion, UC Davis psychological scientist Baljinder Sahdra is reporting that meditation leads to a decrease in impulsive reactions -- another health improvement linked to psychological positivity. Impulsivity has been tied to an array of health problems, including addictions and other risky behavior.

"It's well known that stress -- and distress -- lead to poor health, including a decline of telomerase and its healing properties. What hasn't been known -- and what these studies are beginning to document -- is the exact order of psychological and physiological events in this chain and, what's more, that this chain of events can be reversed. "


Geoff Dodd

Feb 22, 2008
by: Abe Torkelton

This would be a groundbreaking and truly remarkable audio system if it can harmonize your brain, mind and body as you say - getting left and right cerebral hemispheres working together efficiently. I believe it works as instant meditation and saves months, even years of meditation practice. It is then a great achievement to have created these audio CDs.

Yes, correct. G.D.

Feb 08, 2008
Fine explanation
by: Anonymous

i didn't know how it worked but now you've given me an inkling of how holosync works in the right side of the brain, causing 'whole brain integration' and really getting stuff together. i like your way of putting this psych stuff so clearly - thanks Geoff. nice site too.

thanks, Anon.

It is a pleasure to be representing Bill Harris' Holosync program. Editor, Geoff.

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