Raja Yoga Lessons

Discover how to find deep inner peace with Raja Yoga Lessons in my new e-Book. Take this course and escape the continuing stresses of work. Finally - here are some great Raja Yoga techniques to calm your inner self.

Absolutely everything anyone would ever need to learn how to successfully implement the peaceful and calming techniques of yoga into your OWN life - is contained within this impressive work.

All the YOGA fundamentals are there:

* Cultivation of Perception
* The Unfoldment of Consciousness
* The Mental Planes
* Inward and Outward-turned Consciousness
* Mind and Self
* Forth going and Returning
* Purification of Bodies

And much more…

We feel deeply that Raja Yoga Lessons are best self-taught. You can attend classes in Raja Yoga techniques to calm your inner self but this high quality e-Book will take you there with ease and simplicity.. As if your own intuition were guiding you in Yoga, quite magically.

So start reading and applying all that you discover in this masterful work. If you don't find utter bliss, peace and a new sense of harmony after reading my e-Book, then simply ask me for a refund. It can't get any fairer or simpler than that. I will carry the risk for you as you explore this amazing inner world.


Geoff Dodd

Raja Yoga Lessons by e-Book Course

Best e-Book Course on Raja Yoga Lessons

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Excerpt From The e-Book

"Some have developed powers of thinking and reasoning, but they do not "live in their minds" as do some of their brothers. They use their thinking powers for the gratification of their bodily desires and cravings, and really live on the plane of the Instinctive Mind.. "

"Such a person may speak of "my mind," or "my soul," not from a HIGH position where he looks upon these things from the standpoint of a Master who realizes his Real Self, but from below, from the point-of-view of the man who lives on the plane of the Instinctive Mind and who sees above himself the higher attributes!"

"To such people the body is the "I." Their "I" is bound up with the senses, and that which comes to them through the senses. Of course, as Man advances in "culture" and "civilization," his senses become educated, and are satisfied only with more refined things, while the less cultivated man is perfectly satisfied with the more material and gross sense gratifications. Much that we call "cultivation" and "culture" is naught but a cultivation of a more refined form of sense gratification, instead of a real advance in consciousness and unfoldment."

"It is true that the advanced student and Master is possessed of highly developed senses, often far surpassing those of the ordinary man.."

"The word Yoga means ‘connection’. The mental connection between the soul and Supreme Soul or the remembrance of the Supreme Soul by the soul is called meditation or Raj Yoga. Stability in the Soul-consciousness and God-consciousness will bring peace and bliss to the soul. By this means, all the latencies of the vicious actions of the past lives will be destroyed because intellectual communion with God acts like fire. It burns the sins of the past. Yoga washes off all dirt from the soul; bathing in a river may clean the body but a soul is cleansed only in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul.."

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Thank you so much for your visit to my site today! I trust you will greatly enjoy the Raja Yoga Lessons in the eBook.

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