Quantum Mind

Experiences of quantum mind occur in a spiritual context with practices such as deep meditation, prayer, chanting, etc., and intellectually at the intersection of physics with psychology.

Typically, a unified field is experienced, such as a feeling of utter connectedness with The Universe and everything in it!

Quantum consciousness is a far departure from the mechanical notions of Newtonian physics - the old physics - in which the universe and the body are viewed with a machine analogy. The body is 'like a machine' with removable parts and the mind is 'like a computer' with modular parts like memory, a central processor, inputs and outputs, cooling fins and fan.

After the quantum physics discovery that objects appear to be in wave-like superposition (everywhere) until consciousness 'collapses the wave function' to create form -- well, it is a shock but everything has changed as we modify our models of Reality - perhaps a little closer to a universal truth? Who knows? God knows?

Quantum Mind is the 'Oneness' whereby contact is made with the 'Mind of God' if you will. That is, the mind falls into synchronization and simultaneity with The Physical Laws of The Universe, or Spiritual Law.

The psychological implications of the quantum mechanics of Bohr and Heisenberg, et al are simply enormous. Mechanistic notions from Newtonian physics have never sat well with the mind, nor with the mystical or spiritual approaches to knowledge that have persisted for 5,000 years or more in India, Tibet, China, and in practically all indigenous human communities since mankind migrated out of the Kalahari Desert in Africa.

Psychologically, power of the quantum mind or 'mind power' has always been acknowledged in sorcerers, witch doctors, prophets, great political and military leaders throughout human history.

But now the scientists; specifically, the quantum physicists get their turn, along with spiritual psychologists, humanists, mystic seers and knowers as quantum consciousness has arrived and the concept of MIND can no longer be displaced by the simplistic, mechanistic thinking of Newtonian physics backed Skinnerian behavioral psychology. Stimulus, response and reinforcement has its uses, in animal training perhaps - but humans are endowed with a much more god-like creativity ... something that is better explained by quantum mechanics, where human consciousness collapses the wave function to actively create form from the unified ENERGY field of electromagnetic gravity, love, attraction in the invisible realm.

It sounds a little crazy - I realize that - but time will tell. Quantum Mind will resolve this mystery through her creations.