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Taste these melting moments of immeasurable, mindless meditation. The psychology of meditation may be about nothing - or emptiness - but being ‘in the zone’ enhances your creativity.. immeasurably. It's beautiful.

Letting go, let flow..

Buddhist monks talk of the ordered steps of ‘letting go’ of mental hindrances, inhibitions and traps that exist in our thought patterns – from the past – which prevent us from experiencing NOW – the full and passionate perception of ‘what is’ – within and without – seeing your mental potential.. finding your ‘great creative center’ .. letting go, let flow..

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What About Posture?

So now sit comfortably with a straight back, relax and..


My favorite monk writes: “…full sustained attention on the breath..

then full sustained attention on the beautiful breath.”

After that, meditator, you drop off a mental cliff into ‘emptiness’ ... where your breath will seem to have disappeared and you are now sitting in light ... ...

.. soft, subtle pulses of cloud light constantly emerge from a pin-point center.. expanding then evaporating and diffusing..

All is very still in the body.


De-stressing will happen naturally if you remain silent, calm and thoughtless.. letting go of whatever thoughts arise, just observing and experiencing the continual outflowing from a pin-point center.

Whatever 'happens' - it's OK

Seeing the cleansing, don’t interfere with its natural ways.

Simply ...

Flow like water

You will arrive more whole and integrated, altogether deeply relaxed and more creative. Pleasurable endorphins will flow in you.

Feeling CONNECTED to .. everything

The psychology of meditation reveals scientifically that in these moments you are simultaneously more healthy on all levels and your brain is freed to process information and solve problems more creatively.

In computer terms you’ve freed up disk space and added 8 gigs of RAM. And that, my friend, is the psychology of meditation in a nutshell. There's more to come about the scientific evidence for all of this!

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Meditation's Beneficial Effects on heart rate, blood pressure, the chemistry of stress, brain waves, breathing and creativity are well known and documented.

One of the earliest researchers of the psychology of meditation was Dr Herbert Benson, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard University, USA, in the 1970s. I highly recommend his popular 1975 book: The Relaxation Response. After this book appeared, thousands of Western doctors began to 'prescribe' meditation for stress-related illnesses, in place of medication.. Food for thought ... reducing blood pressure, re-balancing the immune system, the hormonal and autonomic nervous systems ...

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The Mind-Body Connection -
Review: The Holosync Solution

Thanks to new neural pathways in the brain and networks of nerves, everything's connected! Wow!

I found a wonderful meditation program. - It's Centerpointe's Holosync Solution audio system, where a precise auditory stimulus (on a carrier wave) is applied through stereo headphones to induce alpha, then theta, then delta waves in the brain! I've taken the trial CD for a spin and LOVE it..

More later!

UPDATE: January 10-25, 2006

I've entered the full program, The Awakening Prologue and I can tell you that the Holosync Solution induces REAL deep meditation in 10-15 minutes.. and I'd recommend it to people in all walks of life.

Geoff Dodd
Perth, Australia

UPDATE: April 20, 2006

It's bringing me permanent results.. so I've ordered the next level, where custom affirmations are added by a new technology, and where 3D effects are heard. Crystal bowls chiming in 3D 'space' and a deeper carrier wave to induce more internal changes! This is a rare adventure inwards!
.. and I'm extremely impressed. In awe..

CONTACT: Please see the very, very top of this page. Scroll back up there and you can read all about it at Centerpointe. I'd encourage you to start their initial program - because I've 'got clear' and I think you will too.

UPDATE: May 22, 2006

It does everything as promised. You just have to invest your time in listening. That's all. I now have constant tranquility and heaps of creative ENERGY. Like constant fountains!

Neurologically, here's HOW - Holosync stimulates the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to a high performance state scientists call "whole brain functioning"… - experience it as a higher harmony!

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UPDATE: June 9, 2006

From strength-to-strength. Creative writing is flowing every day now. Call me 'the man with a pre-dawn burning passion.' Enraptured. Amazed. Awe-struck!

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cosmic consciousness

"May all beings be well and happy!"

I trust you've enjoyed reading this page about the psychology of meditation and experience, as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Of all the things you can do with your time.. deep meditation is.. ( emptiness, simply Bliss-FULL )

Geoff Dodd

P.S. I just came across this anonymous quote. Does anyone recognize it?

"If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else" Right on. Meditation is an absolute solution for mental clarity and balance, peace and enhanced creativity.

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