Towards a Psychology of Dreams

If only we knew, as a frog knows, the psychology of dreams would be a cinch.

You see, our Freudian-style interpretation of dreams is rather limited to Freud's notion that everything is ultimately derived from the sexual drive. Sexual symbolism explains it all?

Now Jung was much better at dream interpretation, because he included primordial symbolism. Jung's psychology of dreams delved into the Collective Unconscious of the species - the psychological residuals of our millions of years of biological evolution. Survival value. (Reflex reactions to spiders and snakes, for example!)

But still, I prefer the bright green swamp frog - and here's why:

You can call it metamorphosis (the action of changing in form).. or 'spiritual transmutation'..but if you dream of a frog, or better still you dream that you are the frog -wow! your stages of growth to maturity may be ready for a quick shuffle-through, like the frog who becomes a prince.

Symbolizing fertility and the fact that you can indeed change -thru many stages, it all depends on how you felt in your dream and which stage you identified yourself as being at: tadpole, plus legs, full frog, e.g.Then your dream interpretation can potently suggest that you are about to change form, and develop further, leaps and bounds?

If the dreamer focuses on how he/she felt and which emotions were felt strongly, or vaguely, in the dream, then the symbolism can be better interpreted by the dreamer.

There are challenges and there are fears. The deep unconscious mind throws up symbols - they're like clues in a puzzle or a mystery, and they can be understood as guides to solutions to the tasks, issues, etc. of daily living.

If the psychology of dreams appears, in the final analysis, to be about solving the everyday emotional issues and problems in our lives, then consider the case of a persistent dream about a book. We search for knowledge, wanting to learn from other people's accumulated learning, experience, even their opinions, theories and mistakes.

A sacred book appearing in a dream could symbolize the need for hidden/sacred knowledge, as reassurance that we -individually, or as a community or nation - are moving in the right direction (spiritually, or in terms of survival.)

So if you are able to remember your dream, write down your feeling, your emotion, and your symbols or objects. Gradually with reflection the psychology of dreams will be made crystal clear to you in each case. You are your own best interpreter.

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