psychological triggers in sales processes?

In a word, YES. It's a question of knowing which psychological triggers to use when, with which product.

I hope you're not affronted or offended, but I'd love to understand the sequence of psychological events that leads to 'buying behavior.'

Motives and timing are key. Let's take an outstanding example of an impulse purchase:: Net Detective. This web-based investigative system allows Americans to lookup US Government public records. OK.

What a psychological sell.. the whole bag of tricks is working in this one!

1) Personal Power - ego-power

2) Curiosity - killed the cat?

3) Instant Gratification - NOW

4) Social Superiority - getting the jump.

One impulse purchase can achieve all of that?

You betcha.

And there's a lot more. Take the attention-grabbing Headline first, then the subtle, pseudo-hypnotic approach to guiding imagery which ideally occurs just before guiding ACTION.

('Imagine..' or 'picture this:' comes before commands like 'ORDER NOW!')

See here: psychological triggers used in Net Detective sales page - Sorry, no longer available

Now keeping the second window open.. see the glaring attempt at:

1) Referral.. 'Who Else wants.. '

A person tends to refer himself/herself!

2) Appeal to Personal Power.. 'The Strength'


3) Appeal to Ego.. 'Becoming an Expert..'

4) Appeal to NOWness (Instant Gratification) the next 60 seconds

Which induces impulse buying, like a subtle suggestion, a timed 'device.'

This is a very smart page -

But that's only the Headline for God's sake!

This page utilizes a set or sequence of multiple Headlines. There would need to be a rigorous testing process for setting the correct order. People think differently.

Anyway, read the rest of the page and jot down the psychological devices and tricks used.. words like Instant Access, Instant Download, Order Now. The triggers for an impulse sale.


I highly recommend the very popular ebook by Joe Sugarman called Psychological Triggers.

Spontaneity training

I truly hope you enjoyed this rather fast look at psychological triggers in the sales letter process that's used frequently by Internet marketers. A tiny part of their 'bag of tricks!' Heck, I wrote the first, and the second, Headings myself.

Geoff Dodd

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