psychographics in marketing

Psychographics, a subset of demographics, is when a marketer requires a profile of the prospective customer, to facilitate the targeting process.

It's like painting a psychological picture of a group with a specific want or need.

For example, *desperate housewives* is clearly a subset of married women who spend a lot of time at home.

A marketer may be able to communicate with this 'psychographic' by advertising during morning and mid-day TV programs. Notice the types of ads shown during these times!

Another example of a 'psychographic' - highly active teen boys who ride BMX bikes and play computer video games. How would you write copy..? where would you reach them? What messages would appeal? Instore? On TV? In comics?

Or would the message be directed at the parents?

A totally different 'psychographic' would be aggressive, millionaire-CEO achievers! You'd reach them in the elite magazines, in airline reading material - ideal!

You'd target them on TV during Business Sunday interviews and where economic forecasts are being given, stock trading arenas, all the related areas that impact on their personal achievements and business future.

The list goes on.. Anxious heart attack sufferers. First-trimester first time pregnant mothers.. each is a specific 'psychographic' within a larger demographic group in modern society.

Marketing psychology - psychographics

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