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Affluence can subtly undermine us and our parent child relationship - its enjoyment and fulfillment.

A child who's deprived of 'quality time' and real attention.. fobbed off with money, toys, and a surplus of entertainment - - hey, isn't that our modern dilemma?

Thank goodness there are psychologists who intensively study these things and who can be consulted to 'right the parenting styles of apparently good parents.'

You see.. money and social status alone don't cut it. They aren't values that are transferable into the perceptions of our children. Into those hearts hungry for love and attention, acceptance, appreciation, recognition and ESTEEM.

Enough of my ranting.

Here is a great resource site by Parent - Child Relationship Expert & Author of "Good Parents Bad Parenting - How To Parent Together When Your Parenting Styles Are Worlds Apart".

Lisa Dunning offers unique parenting insight, practical tips, skills, advice, games and exercises, empowering parents to raise happy, responsible & successful children.

To visit Lisa Dunning's acclaimed web site please click on

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Manners & Etiquette for Children

Exemplary parenting styles are more likely when you read this A to Z Guide to Manners, Etiquette, Socialization and Harmonious Living - because these are the very things needed by every family, and the world is becoming increasingly short of these values!

It's clearly time to REFOCUS on parent-child relationships. So take a minute or two to visit the above site. Think more about loving time and close, intimate attention.

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