Mind Body Health and Wellness

Psychology has many answers for mind body health and wellness therapies. Our focus on this web site has been strongly in favour of meditation practices and the Buddhist method of mindfulness, in particular.

Today, however, a new method of mind body balance therapy will be discussed. This is a nutritional approach, based upon centuries of Chinese and Japanese experience.

Have you ever heard of the medicinal mushroom, agaricus blazei H1X1? It is a genetic hybrid created by combining a Brazilian agaricus with a Californian agaricus. This hybrid murrill mushroom has unusually high levels of certain beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Wanting to help her clinical patients with improved mind body health and wellness, Dr Daria Davidson, who appears in a video at the above link, found out eight years ago about the H1X1 hybrid of the medicinal mushroom, agaricus blazei. She knew that agaricus was the favoured murrill, medicinal mushroom in Japan and had been so, in China for perhaps many centuries.

The writer has now had a chance to taste and experience these substances thanks to Dr Daria Davidson. I can definitely attest to experiencing an improved mind body balance, rather similar in its clarifying effects to meditation and the holosync brain training!

That is remarkable, as it feels like a constant therapy is happening ... you need to visit the Australian web site and watch a video of Dr Daria Davidson. She can certainly enhance your mind body health and wellness, using these mushrooms, concentrated and infused into energy drinks and functional coffees.

As well as the mind-body therapeutic benefits, there are whole family benefits, such as a franchise opportunity. This can be worked from home by all family members, spreading out in social networks, using Facebook and other social media sites. It is just a matter of having a product sharing attitude and a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of others.

Thank you for your visit to my psychology web site today! I'm sure you'll find more ways of improving your mind body balance and wellness, as you navigate around my site.

Geoff Dodd

Perth, Western Australia