mental health is up to you!

While doctors can assist with medication, your mental health is really up to you. It's simple. LOVE yourself and others, too..

While psychologists and psychotherapists and counselors can reflect back to a client, exactly what they see.. assisting with feedback - again, it's up to you. And what you do with that feedback.

While group therapy can provide more social feedback and warm fuzzy feelings of support and value - it's up to you.

The personal breakthrough in mental health comes when an individual 'sees the light' about responsibility for one's own actions and feelings!

With our minds we create our lives and some personal enlightenment is required to be shed on any dis-ease or emotional suffering that continues.. because the mind is such a generator of images and fabrications about reality!

Underlying, erroneous beliefs are often the true culprit, not that parent who didn't spoil you quite enough.

For example, we all need to feel worthwhile, lovable, acceptable, just plain OK, and sort of important to others in our world.

But unconsciously we've too often harbored self-beliefs that we're unlovable and unacceptable and just plain NOT OK - these erroneous beliefs are held within and work to limit our actions, our social involvements, memberships of clubs and groups - I believe that this is the real stuff of mental health.

The self-discoverer may need some ideas and feedback to trigger off the necessary inner change in his/her thoughts and beliefs that may be limiting personal behavior and growth - thus the role of counseling psychologists and other therapists, as facilitators.

Pure education alone can help some. Religious instruction may have guided others. But there's no escaping the idea of a clear inner light that you need to pour upon your own beliefs, feelings, and on your future path.

Related areas of self-responsibility are diet and physical exercise. Think about it this way: Who's going to choose what you eat? And how much - and when? And what other substances you take in - like nicotine and alcohol? Who decides? And your 30 minutes minimum exercise? Is the therapist going to walk or run alongside you?

C'mon. It's all these little bits of behavior accumulating and adding up to an outcome. Don't blame anything or anyone outside of yourself!

Better to work on solid ways of achieving a mind body balance. Experiment and see what works for you. Join a group to keep up your self improvement motivation. It will surprise you what positive changes you can make!

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