meditation doesnt work

by blah

Listen carefully to the wise and experienced...

Listen carefully to the wise and experienced...

'it sucks and is pointless,' claims one reader.

I reply, 'O seeker. Would'st thou love it if all your world flowed into One loving Unity? Would you then be thankful and happy?'

'O my friend. Have you perceived the charged feeling of such positivity that you're sure you are Creating With God?'

'O my struggler in tests and trials. Have you become relentless, never stopping until you achieve whatever your Heart yearns for?'

'O writer. Have you felt the surging of Oceans within you - compelling you to write for 24 hours without stopping?'

'O Empty One. Have you persevered enough to become One, conscious with subconscious ... One, left brain with right brain ... One, waking mind with dreaming mind?'

Try the journey of a lifetime first then write in flowing positivity about what you found on the thousandth step.

Do it with the utmost self control such that your eyes careth not once to blink. Calmly, quietly, 'eyes wide open' moment to moment.


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