meditation: "a medicine which never fails"

by mandar smart
(new delhi, india)

One of my friends was having a tumor at the top of his right ear. He was into meditation for many years. He gave up his study and continued this meditative activity more strongly. He continuously gave messages and order to his pain point that this tumor will have to melt from my body. When he took breath, he imagined that medicines from nature is now entering into my body and when he exhaled breath, he imagined that tumor cells is removing with the carbon dioxide. He did that for 1 week and after 1 week his tumor had been removed. He is living his life with new colors and joys with fully positive rays, but he is taking one medicine for 4 years and it is taken via breathing. So meditation is medicine which never fails. Try it to believe in it and give feed back to me about your experience.

Editor: Simply wonderful! Thank YOU Mandar. Geoff

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