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We know that increasing self esteem is a bit like 'getting your vitamins' and also that it does involve skill-building to a large degree, but now a skilled group of expert hypnotherapists out of San Francisco's Bay Area is offering you a wonderful new option.

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Even Tiger Woods is into the hypnotic methods of increasing FOCUS and self confidence. Observe the Tiger.

If highly successful sports people use hypnosis for boosting their sports performance, increasing their focus, confidence and self esteem -- then you ought to do yourself a MASSIVE favor and test it out, by simple audio CD. There are samples..

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The powerful hypnosis techniques in this four-session program will help you access your inner strength at a core level. Deep, relaxing instructions will guide you to a state of hypnotic trance, opening your subconscious mind to empowering suggestions designed to help you build ego strength in a safe and ecological manner. You’ll feel deeply relaxed and safe as you move towards a greater sense of inner strength.

You can easily Experience Authentic Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence with the Core Inner Strength Hypnosis product from!

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