Free Self Hypnosis

We do it all the time. What? Free self hypnosis - it's our 'self-talk', our favorite images, imaginings and our illusions.

Actually you're already a Master at it. You just may not be aware that you do it.

Normally, you follow your attention-interest mechanism and your curiosity leads you from here to there..

To remain healthy, you need to be able to operate 'all this mental machinery' in a rather relaxed and guided manner, so..

Free relaxation training

OK, let's begin.

Close your eyes and breath in deeply..

As you release the breathe, slowly, imagine it's carrying away all your tension, all stress, all negativity.

Breath in deeply...

Release all negative feeling, all desire..

Just let go.

Feel your facial muscles - tighten, then relax.

Breath in.. release

Into absolute calm.

Feel how grateful you are, to be able to let go and let your body release, relax, and begin to function better.

Feel a tingling, love-flow..

Create it in your highest brain and let it flow through you from forehead to cheeks, smiling mouth, down through your arms to fingers, and through your legs to your toes..


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You are allowed to float blissfully throughout your Life after visiting this psychology power free self hypnosis relaxation training web page.

Flow like water and find the universal harmony that now clearly exists in all things.

Be well and happy.

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