February 8, 1982 - Day of Discovery

by John Stachura
(Chicago, IL USA)

Never Too Old to Care

Never Too Old to Care

The following is the Press Release for my book.

Mr. Stachura was born in a small village in Central France at the end of World War II. His parents brought the family to Chicago in 1955 to begin a new life. Eight years later, at the age of eighteen, he became one of the first computer programmers at LaSalle National Bank in Chicago and started converting manual systems to automated processes.

In 1982, while attending a training class, he reached an understanding of how the human mind works. For the next fourteen years, he studied and researched exhaustively to design an artificial mind that would think, learn, and make decisions as a human being does.

In 1991, he met his partner who had created software that would serve this concept. It wasn’t until 1995 that Cognitor, Incorporated was co-founded and the name “Cogitator” was given to the software. After twenty-five years of research, “The Mind – User Manual” was released in April 2007.

Largely self-educated, Mr. Stachura has traveled around the world, has an honorable discharge as a Vietnam veteran, spent two years in Saudi Arabia managing a software firm and is a member of MENSA.

Release 1.1 is soon to be published on the Web as an Ebook. All substantiating references will be links to the appropriate websites. I would welcome participation in the creation of the final product. There are four Sections:

1. Spiritual Warrior - Discovering Your self
2. Relationship Development
3. Community Relationship
4. World Relationship

The Code of Conduct for this transformation is based upon "The Four Agreements" by de Ruiz, with expansion by Castaneda.

Thank you, my friend. Geoff D. Perth.

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