Your empowered life journey adventure

NOW you begin to realize.. an empowered life journey begins with a single thought -a created intention.. then the realization that every step is a direct result of every thought in sequence..

So there is a simple formula of cause and effect?

Yes, there is. Watch those thoughts emerging, developing, combining.. in the moment that they occur!

Literally, the world becomes your oyster: "You look at this world as one gazes upon a bubble." [Buddha]

This life is an adventure, an experimental journey in each next moment. Life should not be seen as a journey to the grave, as that view denies the richness of The Moment. The flower's beauty, the rainbow, a child's first step.. Your satisfaction in overcoming a persistent problem. Your moments of Unity-Bliss-Fusion.

I am 55. Let me tell you what I found. I found a Great Creative Center embedded deep in the human core.. possibly in the DNA cell-center. I found utter bliss in meditation, by focusing only on my breathing. But perhaps more importantly, I found the relentless spirit - is it eternal? The internal energy-powerhouse of the 'subconscious' Mind. The driving force of The Entrepreneur.

You don't know it yet, reader, that you are a demi-god. A creative and almost computer-like memory bank of 13 billion cells - waiting for YOUR ultimate expression, so click now on:

Your empowered life journey starts here!

'Know thyself..'

For an empowered life journey, get yourself in the position where you can say:

"I know my intentions and goals."

"I know my direction.. and skills!

"I know my LIFE JOURNEY!"

The place of your empowered life journey