Embracing Christ consciousness

by malcolm


Part of the process of the awakening for me was to live in the world, but to know that the perception I had of the world dependent on where my attention went. It was important to not be swayed by the happening around me. I was working in my day job as a laboratory analyst carrying out quality control for medical device company. My training was in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Analytical techniques. This work kept me grounded in reality while all the time I was embracing a new realization which was taken place within my being. Every day new perceptions and discoveries were taken place which supported my true identity and reality of Christ-consciousness.
At that time I was renting a house which I shared with a friend. He was a Chef and spent a lot of time out of the house as he worked evenings. I decided to run a course from my house for all those people who would be interested in learning more as I had new perception and wisdom and I wanted to share it. I felt by working from home that I could save time and energy and create a space for a specific purpose of sharing the wisdom which I had experienced. Also to engage in the different actual experiences from the perspective of other people experiences. I have always believed that everybody is a reveler of truth.
I was working in my day job still and I had a desired to pack it in. So I could teach what I had learned myself and allow others to experience first hand their own spiritual awakening. But I was told that the time was not right within my meditation so I was disappointed and confused. So I waited several months and increased my meditation to twice a day. Then one night in a meditation I experienced myself teaching a class, It was so real and I also experienced heighten feedings of love.
I started a course calling it "The journey within". I got this idea when I met other people in San Diego, USA who had written books for the expressed purpose to teach anybody who had a desire to know more on the subject. I visited these people many times. They gave me permission to run a course based on their books. This group of people in America was having the similar experiences which I was having so this added to my new perceptions.

I molded their information with my own information to create a new format to teach what I presently know within myself. In the course we examined what the "Christ Self" was. We also looked at the life of Jesus who demonstrated the "Christ Consciousness" and we learned that all life was Christ consciousness. We recognized that we are all Christ’s. In the group, we all experienced the inner Christ contact. This contact was different for everyone. In my case I felt a warm heat which filled my heart and a tilling ling sensation under my left elbow. Each member of the group was given individual names and individual experiences. We learned about vibrational levels of identity and also the existence of the psychic barriers. Now all this happened within the person own privacy and in turn they elected to share their experiences with the group. Within the group there were very specific signals reported. It was different for everyone.

From the on set of the start of this course, paranormal experiences were the norm. People in the group started to see the aura; they started to receive dreams and words of wisdom which came from inside of their own minds which was verified by me and another person within the group. We always verified information received. The verification was identified by feedings of high vibration of love which left us in no doubt that the message was indeed non- judgmental, loving and wise. The practice of channeling was developed and messages of love were received during each session. They learned about the concept of "Race mind consciousness", "the sum total of all thoughts held by the human race". We also learned that it contains all the memory of humanity, all of humanity opinions, judgments and beliefs. They learned about attraction and repulsion and the law of attraction. Because of the desire of the group and their focus, spirit was attracted to each and every one of us. In the course of the study, the class one by one reached the psychic barriers.
Then over a number of weeks, each one in my class examined their belief system and started to come through the psychic barrier where they realized the realm of spirit. We regularly practiced with believe buster tools and by examining the fear and deficient thoughts that were continually be generated by fearful mind, they were able to re-educate their minds with truth. We practiced deep meditation, which allow us to enter the subconscious mind and by
asking the Christ self to bring awareness to our conscious minds, all fear were released. We became conscious that we were ruled by our feelings. We started to realize that feelings were only a guidance system within our bodies. I told them that any deficient thought would create dilution. This happens when we create thought that is less than love .We noticed that certain thoughts could allow us to feel love and there were other thoughts which would create fear .They learned that the psychic barrier was composed of crystallized thought (of judgments, fears and beliefs and sceptically about God). The barrier prevents us from crossing it but with conscious contact with the Christ Self, each one in the class was brought through it. The Christ Self is never the one who pushes for this. This desire comes from within the individual. There is no coercion or overpowering at any times during this process. The individual is in control. The course lasted for 12 weeks. During the course new perceptions and new discoveries were discussed and integrated in our lives.

We are all aware of our physical world. We have five senses (sight, tastes, touch, smell, hearing and feeling). Our conscious mind is able to visualize, imagine, and use reason by judgment and evaluation which gives us perception. From an early age, I was aware of psychic phenomena. I had read about psychometrics, telepathy and I had at many times, impression of things that I did not understand.

When I first went through the psychic barrier, I found another world. My five senses become six. I developed a clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. My intuition expanded. I started to realize self and also started to express within life a new peaceful existence. At first, I meet Christ teachers within my meditation, and then I was introduced to my "Christ Self". When this happened, my mind was filled with wisdom, love and truth. And with that, I started to guide, teach and look for my divine purpose. I t was here where I was united once again with like minded people. I went through many experiences which expanded my mind. A direct knowing and verification started from within me. My Christ Self brought me to the "I Am" level. of awareness. The energy of the "I Am" level was beautiful, at times it was exciting and at all times, it was non judgmental loving and wise. I received daily energy passing through my being. At times the experience filled me with so much joy and loves that I was told to give it out to all around me. Also I got confirmation within my being by heighten ecstasy when thoughts come directly from God. The group also went through beautiful feeding of love.
This ecstasy was the realization of oneness with spirit. The ecstasy produced similar energy which accompanies sexual pleasure except it would last for much longer. It was the "Holy fire" filling the body with spiritual ecstasy resembling sexual orgasm. This holy fire has been reported by many people. Just talk to the people who are writing on this site. They are all experiencing a new level of awareness I call this awareness diamond heart awareness. I told my group to maintain and use the tools which were identified within the course. As with all organisms pleasure and love is experienced within the body. This pleasure and love experienced denote and identifies oneness. I told the group that there was nothing to fear. I have been receiving this "Holy fire" for the past twenty years that I knew of, but I suspected that we all received it within our lives at the some level of consciousness or other.

The energy within taught me techniques for going deep with my meditation. Daily conversations would take place with many Christ teachers and masters. This happened through clear knowing from with my heart. With plenty of practice doing meditation, it became a natural state for me. I found out that when I set a purpose for the meditation, I was focusing and according to my intent, I received answers through my own mind with the accompanying of beautiful vibration of love and fragrance of flowers.. Many Christ that had ascended came to me. Visitations from higher beings became the norm. I would go through bouts of overwhelming fear from time to time. It was by rising above the fear and affirming truth that I would expand my self awareness. Archangel Michael became my protector and guiding light. He made me aware that fear is only a perception created by the mind because the mind has mistaken its place and made itself master over spirit or my feeling nature.

Ed: Interesting point! That 'mind has mistaken its place and made itself master over spirit or my feeling nature..' This truth is the modern, contemporary problem we face. It could lead to the destruction of humanity. (Elevating mind over spirit, feelings, 'God'.. ) Geoff Dodd

Malcolm Mc Auliffe


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