During Very Deep Meditation - I 'disappeared'

by Geoff Dodd
(Perth, Australia)

In 1978 I was working as an english and science teacher in The Kingdom Of Tonga which is about a thousand miles north of New Zealand, in the South Pacific Ocean.

I loved the peace and tranquility of subsistence farming where each family had 8 to 16 acres planted with rows of coconut palms, banana palms, taro and tapioca. Some were even growing aloe vera, beans, peanuts, sweet potato and tomatoes. And exporting Japanese pumpkins to Japan for a good income.

My family had built me a 'fale Tonga' or native house made of woven coconut palm fronds over a wooden frame.

It was inside this grass hut that I practiced my meditation. I was using the TM technique, focusing on my breathing then on a one word mantra after the out-breath.

I went deeper and deeper. After a while I felt totally empty and nothing seemed to exist. I just sat there with no thoughts, and with everything dissolving away into nothingness ...


The experience became so profound that I found even myself to be 'disappearing'. I became concerned that maybe I'd never return or be able to 'come back to normality' - - and the slight shot of adrenaline in that moment snapped me back into my awareness..

I existed once more. I saw the white clouds emerging from a pinpoint center once more..

I noticed my deep calm and felt the air passing through my nostrils again. As before.

I had not vanished, without a trace. Fear had returned me.

Has anyone else had this experience of 'disappearing' or of totally dissociating spirit from body?

I'd like to listen to your experiences too.


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Oct 21, 2007
Thanks for that story.
by: Anonymous

Great! I loved it. I guess the environment was really conducive to that depth of meditation. In USA we get distracted all the time by ads!

Thanks. A peaceful surroundings is critical for success in meditation. Ed.

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