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You have a need to modify some dog behavior? First I'd recommend that you click on the button at left which reads behavioral psych, because it will help you a lot and save hours of your valuable time if you can first get a grip on the underlying principle of reinforcement. Also explained below:

Dog behaviour, as is much of human behavior, is mediated or controlled by reinforcers = rewarding events 'in the environment' which meet a need, satisfy a thirst or a hunger, or stimulate a memory of the same, for example.

Rewards that are positive have a far greater chance of 'generating desirable behavior', simply because you can hold these rewards back until the dog starts to act in the way that you wish it to. You would then 'differentially reward' the steps, being the movement towards the goal behavior.

Punishment is ineffective and is definitely not recommended if at all possible. Why? Simply because it leaves the animal confused as to 'what exactly my Master is expecting of me?' It inhibits action and fails to generate spontaneous behavior that may well be desirable. (While a positive reward helps generate and reinforce any positive action.) Simple Formula: Positive generates positive dog behavior!

When training a dog you need to signal with a cue - such as a hand movement, a word or voice tone.. then get some behavior generating - then progressively follow thru with a small food reinforcer. Just a taste. A whiff. Plus affection. The dog will soon learn the association between the cue, the desired behavior, and the reward. Be patient. The trick is the rewarding of 'successive approximations' or steps towards what you want.

Social Rewards in Dog Training

As with us humans, dogs are highly sensitive to social rewards such as attention, acceptance, approval, praise and affection. Sometimes these will be sufficient to 'maintain' positive behavior - and play in itself will prove to be highly rewarding, as with exercise, walks, swimming, etc. The key is to keep a positive and active focus, avoiding punishment wherever possible. Remember, a positive mindset will generate positive DOG behavior!

The following link will strengthen your grasp of underlying principles in behavioral science:

dog behavior training principles

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Well, it's been brief, but I trust this page on dog behaviour has assisted you in some small way towards a better, even a more loving approach, towards our canine friends. Thanks for your visit, and please feel free to click around this web site.. even if only to compare dog behavior with human behavior!

Remember - stay positive!

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