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by Malcolm Mc Auliffe

DiamondheartAwareness Membership

It is my wish and purpose to support all on their spiritual journey. To this end, I am creating an open invitation which is FREE for all to be part of. I am presenting a full service social site where all activities can be shared. The material being presented by the membership will be explosive and cutting edge with new perceptions and discovery of unparalleled truth of awareness. Quantum leaps in consciousness will be discussed and support will be there for all on their spiritual journey. There will be sharing of information and certain revelations by members of their journey and experiences. The doors of the subconscious mind will be opened and laid bare and the inner teacher will be revealed to all who seek truth. This is my personal invitation on behalf of Diamondheartawareness, and this membership is FREE and always will be FREE.

Introductions are by far the hardest part of any real and meaningful social encounter. There is always an air of uncertainty and a hesitation as how to create impressions and what to reveal within the encounter. Within my own life, I have found that the getting to know you phase of any relationship, honesty is the best policy. Although in trying to protect and defend, sometimes not all the cards are put on the table and the resultant relationship is false. We will try to cater for all perceptions, ideologies and religious beliefs. The theme of the membership site is, “unconditional love, non-judgmental and all embracing of truth”. Everybody is a revealer of truth and divine intention is now being guided by each and every one that has started their spiritual path. I am just like you; I am on the spiritual journey. Where is going? I have no idea, or what is going to happen on the way? For me, truth is contextual, as new discoveries changes perceptions. The highest and biggest breakthroughs always come through as insights. The very word insight “see into oneself” is all about getting to know yourself warts and all.

So self-discovery is an essential ingredient to get to the core of your being. Without which, one does not know oneself and one lives a life of false perceptions.
Great men and women in our past history have achieved powerful insights and changes in their perceptions that have shaped the world that we live in today. Traditions and past perceptions are to me like quality control which acts as a means to develop with certainty information that is receivable. Unfortunately, we all have different levels of perceptions and not all of us use our God given faculties. It is only recently, that modern science has opened up the door to how the mind actually works. Everyday reality has always provided the basis for the way we perceived the universe. Our very existence is bound by space and time and the unknown. But the unknown is slowly revealing itself with the many different people who are now discovering that they have abstract questions which traditions cannot or afraid to investigate the possibility of incomplete information. As that will reveal the false investment of what has been practiced as truth.
As we approach 2012, there is an interesting possibility presenting itself to the world. It is my opinion that the whole new reality will be discovered. Only recently, there has been a lot of talk about the “Law of Attraction”. While it is a beginning, it is not the entire truth. There are over 100 universal laws to be experienced and these will be revealed in the very short future. As science now is looking at the core electro-magnetic field just as Galileo recognizes the great potential of the invention of the telescope for the observations of the heavens, now there exist new perceptions which are making their way into the consciousness of all to one degree or another. It is with new perception and the ability to communicate, new wisdom and knowledge that mankind can utilize and become aware of who we truly are. This created in me the concept or idea of a free membership social site, where all can share their experiences and all benefit from them.

In the past, insight was given meaning by looking beneath the surface and inventing all types of ideologies, myths, rituals and symbols, etc. Religions, magic, science and imagination all form part of the progress of man’s wisdom, knowledge and awareness. Until recently, the majority of people only developed the five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch). By now, the emphasis is on developing the sixth sense of intuition and the seventh sense or feeling from the soul level of vibration. Since the beginning of new perception, science has look down on anything that could not be proven. But now, more than ever before,
science is coming closer and closer to the truth. Science is now going beyond the obvious rational material world. Science is now postulating and studying the idea of multiple universes and the electro-magnetic and vibrations rate of various states of matter and how matter disappears and appears.

From my own experience, no system of beliefs, whether in religion, science and metaphysics is capable of explaining everything. IS it not our mind that needs an explanation, and what if there is greater intelligence than the mind in operation? The mind appears to accept false concepts until truth reveals newer concepts. So knowledge in itself is incomplete or it would appear that there are gaps and incompleteness in the awareness with the present knowledge that we have.

Ideologies and beliefs systems are but stepping stones to greater and greater awareness. I would like to take you back at this point to the development of Kirlian photography, which was developed way back 1939 by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian. They proved that there was a luminescent glow around the area that they photographed. This phantom leaf effect was the way shower of bringing what the mystic have known for years to the skeptics of the material world. This started many people to investigate what is now commonly called the “Aura”. It is now becoming scientific fact and there is a major amount of data that can verify their findings. It now even has a name “bio-feedback photography”. As it picks-up the energy frequencies of the aura of whatever is been photographed and examined. This ability to detect and measure these energies frequencies has enable science to realize that all matter emits electro-magnetic pulse and these can be measured. Science has since proven that the electro-magnetic pulse of the heart is by far greater than that of the brain.
From my own experience, the heart has its own intelligence and wisdom far beyond that of conceptual truth that has been collected as knowledge and accepted by the scientific membership.

Jesus knew the Father because He developed the Christ-consciousness within himself. He said, “Follow me”. In order to follow Jesus, it would be wise for us to be about our Fathers work. The Father within is the source of all things and beings. It is felt as the presence and when you are one with this presence, you are one with your Father Mother God. Jesus called this presence “Our Father” even John 14:10 “The Father that dwelth in me:”He doeth the work”. I realized that long time ago that everything I do and choose not to do is previously determined by my attitude of mind. So by making it my work to strive towards developing the Christ-consciousness, I am inviting in the Christ mind into my being. And this reveals truth to me and sets me free. But within my heart, there is already a perception of truth. This truth has variant degrees of absolute truth.

Truth is conceptual and keeps on changing. Remember Matthew 10:34 “I come not to send peace but with a sword”. We all know that the sword severs and cuts clean. I believed that we are dealing with the sword of divisions, which separates out the false concepts from the true one. It is necessary to wake up from the bonds of fear, limitations and helplessness and use our knowing of the presence within. You may remember these three words, “Awake, Awake, Awake” Jesus utter these words many times. The doorway to this presence is the “Christ-Self”, “I am the door, and no one can shut”. It is my experience now and understand Jesus statement “ I am the resurrection” meaning, I am the Christ consciousness in which souls rise from the lower state of consciousness to the higher state of inner conscious development. By the realization, the full confirmation through the cosmic vibration that the recipient feels within his/her body the atonement of cosmic life and with that expansion of consciousness.

With this expansion, you will break away from old beliefs and habits that instill fear into your mind. It would be wise to reject all predictions of doom and gloom. Focus on the highest and the best for all. Be bonded to the vibration of love. Let go old thoughts, opinions and religious beliefs. In fact, let go all limitations that you have held and be lead to green pasture and beside the still water of peace. Dedicate a portion of your day to meditation, introspection and feeling the presence. Within this presence you will know inner peace that passes all understanding.
Malcolm Mc Auliffe


Note: I am including this entry for publishing purely because it is somewhat controversial in the context of this modern world. Psychology sometimes needs to take a back seat. Spiritual issues are more universally significant. Bigger.


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