A new definition of man

A useful definition of man is now needed for psychological understanding of tumultuous events in this new Millennium.

Early anthropologists defined Man as 'a tool user.' But soon it was observed that other animals: chimpanzees, orang utans and even bower birds also use tools.

What is distinctively human? The more you decide and write on this question.. the more you have to 'tack on' and add and modify, but here's a start to a new definition of man.

Man is an independent (yet networked), robotic (yet highly conscious), self-multiplier, reality-fabricator (yet truth-seeker), who uses tools to meet his goals.

Notice the concessions I've had to make. As soon as I take off in one direction I have to come back and balance the word picture with an opposite. But all the above seems true and it's just a question of your perspective. Are you viewing Man from a biological, sociological or a religious-moralistic viewpoint? Because these 'filters' will produce different results as you grapple with The WHOLE of Man.

When faced with social problems like tyrants, terrorism and teens you can run through this definition and get jolted by new ways of thinking about 'just what is happening here?' Political actions are worth looking at in this way: networks, consciousness, reality-fabrications and socially-held beliefs.

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