In December 2006 I shot photos of this insane guy in Thailand putting his head in a croc mouth!

Crikey! Want a job putting yer Head in a Croc? Try Meditation FIRST

Totally real. I know because I snapped this shot in Thailand in December, 2006 just out of Bangkok at Samphran Elephant Zoo. What sort of a job is THIS? Two guys tease a crocodile and then tickle it with a stick around the jaws. See the stick on the ground? They live on a knife's edge and get paid mostly by tips thrown and handed in by the zoo visitors. You've gotta go see this for yourself!

BUT I'd recommend a strong dose of Thai Buddhist meditation first, as Buddha knows - you'll be needing a tranquillizer when you experience this Act and realize just how truly dangerous it IS! I couldn't even risk it using a stone dead crocodile on display at Samphran Crocodile Park. I tried. No.. freaked. Totally.

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