Counseling Techniques and Skills

I feel bliss and joy in being able to share these counseling techniques and skills with you here. I have thought over these counselling methods for decades. First we'll cover the goals of behavioral counseling before we explore the focus and the mindset that you will be needing to be super effective in this wonderful, therapeutic art.

The first goal of counseling is to deliver the client into a state of stillness. This is a true, inner state of psychological balance and equanimity. The best analogy is the meditation condition of alpha, theta, delta and the sanscrit: 'Om shanti' or the Christian: 'peace of God which surpasseth all understanding.' This stillness equates to a pre-hypnotic trance.

The second goal of counseling is to facilitate behavioral outcomes that are totally acceptable and 'surrendered to' by the client, with minimal internal resistance.

The third goal of counselling is forward movement... taking baby steps, achieving milestones with celebration and jubilation. Invoking pure joy with a feeling of success and attainment. 'I did it. I can do it.'

Techniques and Skills

Your focus and mindset as a behavioral counselor is your greatest tool, technique and skill. Work on deepening your personal level of relaxation. Improve your harmony, integration and 'togetherness' by watching your thoughts. Inhale love and exhale gratitude.


Observe body posture and 'open-ness' or closedness of the client. Ask directly, "How are you feeling?" Bring your awareness and the client's awareness to this key factor. What is the predominant emotion? Is it sadness, fear, anxiety or bliss (a mixture) or general happiness? Expose this predominant emotion or else you'll be stuck at this roadblock. It needs to come out and be acknowledged as a FACT.


What do you love? What are your passions? What are your habits and really, what do you want to achieve during your brief stay on Planet Earth? What are your dreams? What lifestyle, relationships, employment, travels, etc.? (Hint - These 'wants' become the goals.)

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Integration with Behavioral Counseling

Here we completely integrate with behavior modification techniques. In a word: 'reinforcement' or applying positive, pleasurable consequences to desired changes in behaviour.

"What do you want?" becomes an eeking out of the very baby steps, the tasks, the forward moving goals.

You can start from the top and proceed like this: MISSION, PURPOSE, PASSION, PLAN or you can start from the street, grassroots level: I want to start a small business cooking cup cakes or taking baby photos. I want to get my high school leaving certificate. I want to become a paid home handyman ... a book keeper, an accountant ..

You Ask: "So what's the first step towards (insert goal ___ ) that you see yourself taking?"

Work on getting STARTED. That first step on a journey of 1,000 miles and many months or years. Help passionately to get the client to take a first step. Observe. Then REINFORCE mightily with your attention, acceptance, approval and praise!

You are beginning to grasp my counseling techniques and skills approach well now. You are feeling clear and better than before. You realize you can do anything you set your mind to.

PLAN out the client's journey towards their first goal. Identify closely with it, so each little success is your success in a clear win-win achievement.

See that journey as 'stepping stones' across a shallow river. There are risks. You both need to retain your balance. Careful. A balanced mindset, then one more tentative baby step across the river. Reinforce! Reward and celebrate each achievement. You both gather momentum as confidence grows .. Techniques and skills are imparted and shared. A lot is learned along the way.

Next comes a celebration of 'a new person.' The client has re-invented herself or himself. A butterfly emerges, leaving the caterpillar behind, forever. This new butterfly is able to float and fly across not only shallow streams but vast rivers, such is the newly acquired SKILL level. You have done it and I'm proud of you. You can do anything you set your mind to. Have a magical week-end. Love someone and 'make a difference.'

Love always and forever ..

Geoff Dodd

Psychology of counseling techniques and skills with a holistic, integrative, cognitive behavioral, eclectic approach. Add to that the wonders of binaural brain wave entrainment, and you've got pure magic:

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