cosmic consciousness is real

You will have heard of cosmic consciousness. It's real, but rather covert or 'existential-phenomenological' -eh? Wozzat?! It translates as You are what you experience.

I remember a bass player saying one evening after our band gig,
"It's so good, it's like you can hook your finger around it."

The scene was outside on a starry night in the clear cold air of Christchurch, New Zealand.

And in Perth I remember walking at night, through bright light, as if walking round the curved surface of the planet.. gazing at the moon. I had only been eating vitamins.

The utter wholeness of the Earth and of the moon, floating freely, round globes.. so crisp - gee, it's like you could hook your finger roun' dat moon, baby.

The glow, the aura, the emanation in all those holy pictures and posters of The Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Mahalakshmi, Madonna and Child.. auras of spiritual wholesomeness. Cosmic consciousness? YES.

Levels of consciousness are certainly a recurring theme in all the major religions. These are perhaps levels of connectedness. And how do you attain direct experience of these higher, more integrated levels?

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Cosmic consciousness happens INSIDE you as you achieve 'whole brain functioning.'

How? What is it?

Considering.. that neurons and their chemical synapses (connections) are the fundamental units of information in the human brain, and that conscious experience emerges when a critical level of complexity is reached in interactions among these neural nets. A critical MASS of electro-chemical ... electrons?

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