Conflict Resolution Techniques & Principles

Thinking 'bout global conflict resolution techniques ...

Have you ever watched a bacterial culture GROW? It spreads out in all directions.

Watched a civilization grow? Bursting its borders into others' territory? Spreading its ways and means, its resource-grab? Its Energy-grab? Radiating its cultural messages into the eco-sphere? Growing its multi-nationals ...

The FACT of conflict is inevitable ... the techniques and best ways of 'conflict resolution' - flexible!

We don't, as a race, have to create shock and awe by firing cruise missiles into everything -- destroying power stations, the water supply, faith and hope, etc. No, we don't.

Instead, we can act with proportionate equilibrium to create a new balance in our world.

How? Global conflict resolution can be caused through a negotiating system of 'balanced barter' - - where you say ...

" I'll give you this.. and I'll give up THAT

IF you give me THAT and give up THIS! "

For example, I'll give you a billion dollars worth of school and educational buildings and resources, and I'll stop pointing missiles at you and stop my allies from raiding you..

IF you totally STOP all terrorist activity, all roadside bombs, all car bombs, and send me 500,000 tons of olives, dates and 50 pure bred camels, and resume oil supply before the x date in year y. Agreed?

This new balanced barter approach is based on methods used thousands of years ago and everyone understands it. TIME is required, of course, for a full debating and thrashing out of fair, exact and balanced terms.

It sure beats warfare!

Because of the win-win spirit it evokes.

Conflict resolution and Spiritual Psychology merge...

To be continued..

Note: *proportionate equilibrium* is a concept drawn from Abdul Baha as translated by Shogi Effendi. It refers to the state of spiritual equilibrium directly caused by the process of balanced consultation.

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