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The subtle art of color psychology has been practised ever since man first saw and tasted his own fresh, red blood and felt an anxious sense of concern.. so RED became an alarm signal, a cue for fight or flight, perhaps, and developed into our red cross of emergency assistance.

But home in the thatched shelter of green palm fronds and having some protection from the lush green background vegetation, there was generally peace and relaxation.

The psychological effects of color have been more deliberately used in modern times.

For example, pinks - feminine, nipple-pink, breasty pacification colors are often used in nurseries and in psychiatric hospitals and even in specialized cells in high security prisons.. Relax. Don't be angry. Mother's nearby. Excellent application of color psychology!

Purple haze, purple rage reflects mixed emotions of intense anger, with fear and deep mental confusion. But Royals may use purple or deep blue to represent their unquestionable social status.. 'it depends.'

Opposite to purple in our psychological effects of color is the happy YELLOW. See where advertisers paint yellow for happiness in ads for children. And in clothing, and fast foods. Red and yellow for quick attention.

Warming further from yellow is the rich, nutritious ORANGE used also for Buddhist monks' robes. Warm, reliable, radiant, full of goodness. Eat your carrots. Therapeutic.

BLUE reflects the limitless, rich and bountiful infinity of oceans - deeper blues evoke trust and future wealth and optimism. A great colour (Br.) for the background or margin area of a web page offering a home based business. Trust us to deliver you oceanic wealth.

A WHITE wedding, for purity and the bleached cleanliness of good character, virginity and umm.. clouds? See the white turbanned heads of moslems - for religious purity - and the white clarity of a good diamond. White induces feelings of moral certainty, trust and pure old goodness..

While BLACK as the ace of spades? Lack of light, evil, hiding, nay lurking in shadows.. resulting in grieving and sadness. Grief, death (of spirit-energy) and a funeral.

Using Neutral Color Schemes

Neutral grays, white and cream may seem to blend with almost anything. But truly great color-schemes using natural colors - light greens and browns - are achieved sometimes by only slightly varying the shades of a single hue: for example using cream, sand, light brown and medium brown together - and these schemes result in HARMONY perceptions in the human mind. This is color psychology at its finest. Notice the subtle shades used in the following image that will take you to to read more:

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