Color and Mood effects

It's certainly true that color and mood are very closely related events and feelings! Have you stepped inside a children's toy store recently? Explosions of bright color everywhere! Reds and yellows abound ...

And those gardening stores and flower nurseries.. wow. Department stores, supermarkets too.

Briefly, let's explain.

RED - The colour of love, lust, passion, romance, urgency and blood, red is the evocative colour of life itself. In many cultures, red is used ritualistically in ceremonies that relate to creating and sustaining life. Red can be used to create excitement or invoke urgency while the deeper hues create a chic and polished look.

PURPLE - From Roman senators to Indian Maharajahs, to modern European royalty, purple has been the color of power, mysticism, eroticism and spirituality since the dawn of time. Purple is a healing color related to mind, body and soul. Deep purple tones need light colors or white space as contrast, to bring out the power of the colour.

BLUE - Blue is a divine color that resonates with beauty, purity and wisdom. It can help ease tensions and promote tranquillity. Blue tones can project an image of power, professionalism, credibility and TRUST. Underlying silver metallic can create a deep ice feel. Oceanic, vast, infinite.

GREEN - The color green foretells the coming of spring. The growth of sustenance, food, and the continuance of LIFE. Nurturing, natural green tones represent education, adventure and ecology. Contrast with black for shadows to show height, depth, density, lushness of growth.

YELLOW - Representing the radiance, light and warmth of the sun's life-giving energy is yellow. Bright, happy, energetic, exciting, enthusiastic and dynamic. Use varying tones of yellow, gold and orange to express these feelings! Almost good enough to eat.

Thanks for enjoying with me, 'How color and mood effects affect your psychology!'

Now -- please go and stare at a huge area of YELLOW!! (It works for me!)

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