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The secret of success is a sort of holy grail that every business success psychology writer claims to possess or at least alludes to.. but really, success psychology is the story of you and your gradual evolution towards enlightenment. (Total Health - and expanded self awareness and your spirit of personal growth!)

It's your personal journey through the life cycle, from embryo to frail octogenarian - but in any given moment, it's a mind-state or better still, a mind-flow, a spirit-like flood of surplus mental energy carrying you easily from solution to solution. Based on skills? Yup.

Imagine you're scanning over the subject lines of 300 spam emails. What do you see? Objects of annoyance and frustration? Or 300 hidden opportunities? - I suddenly saw the latter and started responding like crazy! (Adapting?

And I let the emails teach me some current trends about how The Internet is changing.. how Society is changing.. and maybe got a few home truths about Human Nature! (Size matters!)

If you want to get a ton more good emotion and get wealthy by the ton in the process, then: RESPOND positively to lots and lots and lots (tons) more people! It makes mathematical sense to equate the two.

So.. business success psychology starts with "respond like crazy, to be insanely successful!"

Stories ..

I remember when I was working as a taxi driver and the short term fill-in job had dragged on for 15 years. I had to re-think and I was sitting at a local rank when a conscious decision 'appeared' to me, to create new success in my (online) business future. It went:

"Don't complain. Stop and learn new skills!"

Where did THAT come from?
I listened, heard the call and learned HTML for web pages! A slight change in my thinking had started a massive change in my lifestyle!

If you read the page about 'behavioral psychology' which you will find on the blue navigation bar on the left hand side of this page, you'll come to realize that your power is in the reinforcer - and that's why you need to 'respond like crazy', positively, in order to be insanely successful both socially and financially.

The secret of success is that you can shape up behavior in your associates, your network, your downline, etc., through your own intelligent response - and therefore, responsibility.

Business success psychology implies that you ought to be well-evolved, different, spontaneously fascinating to others, and stimulating through your newfound high-responsiveness.

Get really creative with your marketing strategies and tactics. Use psych triggers everywhere that you CAN.

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