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This hypnosis review by Geoff Dodd, Editor, reveals some startling facts, especially since Geoff just emerged from taking a dose himself, of the 4 part MP3 download entitled, "Relax and Center", by Dr Neil Fiore, PhD.

" Hi, this is Geoff. I have to admit I was extremely impressed by the calibre and utter competence of the therapist, Dr Neil Fiore. You are led in by classical music. You quickly learn highly effective breathing and tension-reduction techniques, then are taken to the deepest levels of hypnotically-induced relaxation. Now I'm a meditator. But I can tell you this was quicker and even MORE restful. And all this with just a FREE sample! I couldn't believe it! "

Then later I discovered that the Hypnosis Network delivers a whole range of CDs - for every need, every problem.. every need for performance and productivity. From sports performance to the executive workplace.

The therapists are top calibre people with PhD qualifications and many appear to practise in San Francisco. They are widely known as experts in their particular fields, and most are published authors. So you can sigh a breath of relief. You will be in good hands.

I guess all that remains is for me to signpost the appropriate direction for you. You can choose what you are interested in and maybe download an MP3 sample to experience a little of the benefits of hypnosis first, before you commit yourself:-

Experience the benefits of hypnosis (mp3 download)

Enjoying Weight Loss:

This program prepares your mind for accepting whatever you need to do in your weight loss program of calorie watching and regular exercising. Try this because it's simply a pleasurable approach.

Enjoying Weight Loss

The Non-Smoker's Edge

Clearer mind. Better access to memory. More energy and sensory benefits like your senses of taste and smell sharpen. Your heart will thank you. You'll become more productive and more creative. Blissful. Get these benefits of hypnosis here:

The Non-Smoker's Edge

Core Sports Performance:

Another very impressive offering from The Hypnosis Network. There's a LOT required in preparation for Olympic gold medal achievement, let me tell you. No wonder world champions like Tiger Woods, and many others in the sporting arena use hypnosis for their preparation. In fact, Tiger understood FOCUS and mental preparation - from the age of six! How's that for sophistication?

Core Sports Performance

"I'm in a period of my life that requires a huge work push, and I've found Productivity Engineering to be hugely helpful -- a real lifesaver, in fact. Neil's THE authority on using hypnosis to reprogram your thinking so you experience far less procrastination and stress, and much more productive peace and fulfillment. I'm doing great, thanks to Neil's CDs!"

Suzanne Falter-Barns Founder,

"Start with your Relax and Center - FREE sample " Click :-

Productivity Engineering by Dr Neil Fiore

Conversational hypnosis training course

Geoff here again. I trust you've enjoyed this page on exciting Hypnosis Review - The Benefits of Hypnosis and that you've downloaded your 4-part MP3 sample entitled 'Relax and Center' by Dr Neil Fiore, of San Francisco. This is what got me going and excited about hypnotherapy. Intuitively, I could instantly understand and FEEL what hypnosis is about. What its potential is. Awesome. Life-changing. Thanks for your visit today and please give self-hypnosis a go! It CAN work wonders for you.

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