An Intense Concentration on God

by Dylan

One night in college, I decided to meditate on God. I went out to my Jeep Cherokee, folded down the back seats, and sat. I can't really tell you exactly what I meditated on; it wasn't the word "God," or anything, but just an intense one-pointedness on God, undefined. I guess the enthusiasm I had made it easy to concentrate because within a few minutes, warm light began moving from the outside of my closed eyes and met in the middle with a luminous, warm white light that filled my vision. The light dispersed and a plateau which summed up the fact that money, popularity, and one other thing I forgot didn't matter. As that was all sinking in a second plateau erupted out of that one, but it's surprised me so much that I lost concentration and thus didn't know the meaning of it. Anyhow, it was really, really cool at the time. Totally sober too ;-)

Gives me goose bumps just reading this.
Thanks a lot Dylan for sharing your wonderful meditative experience.. clearly unique. Reminds me of, 'the peace of God that surpasseth all understanding.' We need to keep exploring these wonderful, spiritual places.

Thanks again,

Geoff Dodd

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