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Information on how to break addiction is newly collected in our addiction treatment e-Book, 101 WAYS! - so you'll feel a huge sense of relief when you know that, YES - knowledge IS available to you, and YES - others do care, a lot.

Addiction is an issue that affects people from all walks of life! The rich certainly have theirs, as do professionals and leaders in business. Whether it be an addiction to drugs, prescription medications, sex, food, gambling, alcohol, TV or The Internet!

Not only are you affected but those people close to you will feel the destructive effects of any addictive behavior. The following tips have been compiled to give you more information about different addictions and how you can begin your recovery - without too much stress.

In the 101 Tips e-Book I focus on increasing your understanding of the stages of addiction and the stages of recovery.

How to break addiction - whether it's to caffeine, nicotine, heroin or Internet gambling, chocolate or fried food - is basically the same, requiring your understanding of the stages of addiction and the stages of recovery.

It's common sense to you - that the emotions involved are what you need to realize, and to Master!

The importance of finding balance in your life, seems to me to be a major factor. I personally use a method of accelerated meditation to actively create this balance.

Then finding your own personal power through conscious increases in your self esteem and your self love - hey, that's a totally key area for you that will lead you to self mastery.

If you are serious about beating your addiction starting today, "101 Tips For Overcoming Addiction" is your best bet to have by your side through the whole process.

You can breeze through my e-Book in less than an hour, but it can change your life forever! And starting today. How much would a new start, a new life, a new hope be worth to you?

It only takes $17 to get your hands on my e-Book today. To start your journey to independence today. And I promise when you click the link below, you'll never regret your decision.

Addiction Treatment Self Help e-Book from Geoff

"Substance abuse has long been misunderstood as a purely physiological problem. But overcoming addiction and addictive behaviors - truly breaking free and getting lasting recovery from addictions requires a psychological approach involving understanding emotions, the boosting of self esteem and disciplined planning of your future goal achievements."

Geoff Dodd

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