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PsychologyPower, Issue #008 -- your therapy?
August 08, 2006

I hope you're doing well. Just a quick message to tell you about a very special offer that Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist has put together and how you can take advantage of it, because this isn't going to last very long. Here's what I'm talking about. When you order ANY one of Steve's many hypnosis products that can help you achieve your goals for the rest of your life, you're also going to receive several hundred dollars worth of additional bonus products! You can view the bonus products here: Here's the catch. This special deal that Steve arranged with these publishers is only available until August 21st. After that I must remove this offer. So here's what to do now - Take advantage of Steve's offer by exploring more than 100 products that he has created which have made life-altering changes in thousands of people's mental, physical, and social lives and then join those who have seen hypnosis help them:

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There's a brief form to fill but never any obligation or cost at all on your part. It's a thankyou gift.

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Welcome to our Eighth issue. #8

This will be brief, but nice ::-)

Reminding you of a new ebook:-

"Secret Knowledge of a Meditation Master!"

AKA "The Lotus Code" in new .pdf

The ebook that'll show you how ancient Buddhist wisdom and modern psycho-science can harmonize and maybe even, blend like a couple of lovers.. Mmm..

With a Thai Buddhist 'bias' - -

Select the SECOND link out of those two above, as it has G I F T S galore as well as visual delight and rapture!

An irresistable offer..

I've given you 2 plain text links above to copy and paste into your browser in case the link below is unworkable.

P.S. This is a unique and powerful piece of writing that will blow your mind away! It is destined to be read by thousands in the next few months.

You watch what happens next...

Relax - breath deeply then click for your alpha - theta - delta Ommm...

Test all resources - audio samples - HYPNOSIS

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Finally, here's a link back to the site.

Psychology Today and blue button options into everything

By the way..

If you are interested in writing/publishing..

Keep watching the site for new gifts that will appear in the coming months.

Thanks for joining us at psych power!

Kind regards,

Geoff Dodd

P.S. NEW Ebook:

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