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PsychologyPower, Issue #007 -- 3 ways to win!
June 10, 2006
Dear New Subscriber,

Let me tell you what I've decided upon as being my '3 ways to win.'

Recent research has convinced me that the sub-conscious Mind is fundamentally a computer for rehearsing future communications.

Imagine you are about to be interviewed by a skilled TV journalist, like Dianne wotz-er-name.

How can you rehearse your communications? How can you feel that you're 100% ready?

Let me give you the real oil NOW.

BTW - - I'm writing this in the moment.

(Speed o' thawt.. ? Solution!

OK. Take a QUESTION-Asking approach.


#1. What is your goal?

Get access to Dianne's intentions. What do YOU want, Dianne?


#2. How are you feeling?

A very powerful question, this. Notice how the media ask THIS of someone who's just come out of a harrowing court case? And Lost? They ask people in a war? They ask accident victims? Heck. Very aggressive this little question.

#3. Would you like Fountains of Flowing Creativity?

Aha. Gotcha. Totally OUTSIDE of the box of social expectation and social norms. YOU know something. You use the implicit. You suggest..

To find the answer, I think you'd better investigate the ebook below, learning HOW you can get it at no charge to you.

There's a brief form to fill but never any obligation or cost at all on your part. It's a thankyou gift.

Welcome to our Seventh issue. #7

This will be brief, but nice ::-)

Reminding you of a new ebook:-

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The ebook that'll show you how ancient Buddhist wisdom and modern psycho-science can harmonize and maybe even, blend like a couple of lovers.. Mmm..

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An irresistable offer..

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You watch what happens next...

Relax - breath deeply then click for your alpha - theta - delta Ommm...

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Finally, here's a link back to the site.

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By the way..

If you are interested in writing/publishing..

Keep watching the site for new gifts that will appear in the coming months.

Thanks for joining us at psych power!

Kind regards,

Geoff Dodd

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