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PsychologyPOWER, Issue #006 -- life and death..
June 03, 2006
Dear New Subscriber,

Let me tell you an incredible story of life and death.

The year was 1987 and the place was Fremantle, the port area of Perth in Western Australia.

I was one of the hundreds recruited quickly to drive taxis on double shifts for the upcoming event.. The America's Cup challenge, where Dennis Conner took the 'ol mug back to Newport, after Australia's big win in 1983.

It was dusk. I had a passenger on board. A woman of about 30 sat in the back seat of the 'Swan Taxi' as I drove eastward in the direction of East Fremantle and the city of Perth.

We approached a large intersection with traffic lights where the Stirling Highway Bridge starts off. I had a green light.

I knew to keep my speed constant. We were ok to continue through ...

Do you believe in a 'sixth sense?' Some other way of getting fast information?

Well, something got through.

Some thing. Spirit, intuition, or just a bit of peripheral vision?

Something told me to SLAM on the BRAKES!

So hard that the lady in the back of the cab rocketed forward and rested against the dash- board.

A bat out of hell.. A large, fast moving car shot across our bow. Very fast.

About an inch away from our front bumper.

Some drunk? had run a red light and almost caved in the driver's door of the taxi..

Almost.. but for that quick signal.

To this day and forever I'll never 'know' what saved my life - my passenger's life -

I apologised to the lady.

For she had not felt the signal that had that day 'told me' to slam that brake pedal to the metal.

Such is life.

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