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PsychologyPOWER, Issue #004 -- Hypnosis ideas...
July 04, 2005
Dear New Subscriber,

Welcome to our fourth issue.

This will be brief. A new concept page has been added to the site, about 'Hypnosis' - and I'm really excited about the potential here for helping people with both their individual development, and sports performance!

The ideas expressed were triggered by an invitation I received to become an Affiliate of a group of San Francisco Bay Area hypnotherapists.

Now I've always believed in two things:

1. Meditation (I'm certainly a Buddhist..)

2. Hypnotherapy

To read the sparkling new page on the site, please visit and find the button at the bottom of the left side navigation bar.

You'll enjoy it.


Some are available for download at the site, - from the automatic pop- under page: 'Affiliate Masters Course' -

Here's a direct link to the Hypnosis Resource: (I'll also insert a TEXT version of the link in case of tech. problems.. )

Relax breath deeply then click for Hypnosis sports training

Test all resources

Remember we can get you 24% savings on Psychology Today magazine at Amazon, and usually about 30% savings on nearly all other books.

Finally, here's a link back to the site.

Psychology Today and blue button options into everything

By the way..

If you are interested in writing/publishing..

Keep watching the site for new gifts that will appear in the coming months.

Thanks for joining us at psych power!

Kind regards,

Geoff Dodd

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