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PsychologyPOWER, Issue #002 -- new release ebooks(2)
May 27, 2004
Dear New Subscriber,

Heck, what a pleasure it is to send you this new information that is working so well - Life is now getting very tough for some and so an immediate application of psychology is called for!

When something works for me I immediately write it up in a new ebook. Focusing on what you can easily do from home, using your PC and your desire, your drive and ambition.

I now call this the total integration of psychology with home-based Internet business. Don't hold back here! You deserve some real action and success in your Life!

So, accordingly, two ebooks are released at no cost to you for being a loyal and patient subscriber. Please find the links just below. Although Windows will warn you about potential 'harm' - these ebooks are SAFE files and clean.. OK for download.


The basic philosophy and approach here is that 'all things are integrated' - we just have to find the connections. Perhaps connect them more 'in our brains..' (e.g. academic is compatible with business.)

With this idea in mind I'd like to give you two ebook gifts, hot off the metroflow PC press! SAVE them to your Windows desktop. (.exe for win)

Some are also available for download at the site, - from the automatic pop- under page: 'Affiliate Masters Course' -

Here's your first direct link:

Download your new release gift ebook #1

Download How-To-Promote new ebook #2

Remember we can get you 24% savings on Psychology Today magazine at Amazon, and usually about 30% savings on nearly all other books.

If you'd like to correspond with me, please do so by just replying to this ezine as with any other email.

Finally, here's a link back to the site.

Psychology Today and blue button options into everything

By the way..

If you are interested in writing/publishing.. the exact same ebook software I use is available from within today's ebook gift. It's highly feature-packed and I recommend it highly, but there is a cost. (That's Life.)

Thanks for joining us at psych power!

Kind regards,

Geoff Dodd

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