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PsychologyPower, Issue #010 -- your millionaire brain?
February 15, 2014

It's been a while. I hope you're doing well. Just a quick message about a new page I wrote on the site you visited a while back:

PLUS 8 free eBook Gifts - to help you understand the mechanics of INTERNET marketing formulas - in case you choose to convert your psychological understandings into extra sources of strong family support. Income support. We ALL need it..

Because times are HARD at present--but:

Have you ever imagined yourself as being really wealthy? It's actually not so hard, once you've decided to build a Millionaire*Mindset inside YOU.

Surprised? It IS happening to me and a few friends who are ACTIVELY experimenting with these concepts. Here's what I'm talking about: When you read U.K. multi-millionaire Gary Jackson's best thoughts and training, you'll be blown out of your usual weekend complacency right here: Here's the catch. This World Class training requires a relatively small investment in YOU. Being sophisticated, you will know or quickly understand that your single biggest point of leverage is improving yourself, gaining personal growth and a sound knowledge and education.

Really, you know, that's indisputable. Agree? So here's what to do now - Take advantage of Gary Jackson's thought-training by PDF e-Book that he has created which has made life-altering changes in hundreds of people's mental, physical, *financial and social lives and then join those who have seen self-hypnosis (like I use) help them:

Geoff Dodd P.S. - Remember, please act right now because this special offer to you WILL expire at midnight February 21st. P.P.S. - Forward this to all your friends so they won't miss out on this offer. Here's the link to the website:


LINK below is clickable ..

Get Gary Jackson's Millionaire e-Book + BONUSES here

Our Tenth issue. #10

This will be brief, but nice ::-)

There is a way to use your psychological knowledge to return YOU incredible personal success!

I have 8 (eight) eBooks for you today. They were written by one Ewen Chia who, singlehandedly, won dozens of competitions across the USA and Worldwide, over the past 15 years.

YOU SEE .. Ewen was the World's first *Super Affiliate. Ewen has written for us, 8 eBooks - gifts - that you can download from this site I prepared:

Also, please find Ewen's link, entitled 'Your 8 Gifted eBooks' just below. I repeat these links because the SYSTEM might drop one and this is, honestly, so PRECIOUS a material...and I want you to have copies of these pdf files in your library. When you get there, to the page, just (right click) on each pdf gift and (save link as) to your desktop.

These pdf eBooks will rocket boost you ahead to incredible levels of Internet knowledge. (Because Ewen has made many millions over the last 10-15 years, online.

Find a clickable version, just below:

I've given you 3 plain text links above to copy and paste into your browser in case the link above is unworkable.

P.S. This is a unique and powerful piece of writing that will blow your mind away! It is destined to be read by thousands in the next few months.

You watch what happens next...

Your 8 gifted eBooks

Test all resources - audio samples - HYPNOSIS

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Finally, here's a link back to the site.

Psychology Today and blue button options into everything

By the way..

If you are interested in writing/publishing..

Keep watching the site for new gifts that will appear in the coming months.

Thanks for joining us at psych power!

Kind regards,

Geoff Dodd

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